Westward Whiskey

The Taste and Flavor of the Northwest!

Westward Whiskey was founded in 2004 with a passion for Northwest brewing culture and the American pioneering spirit. As a leader in Portland’s world-renowned maker community, Westward Whiskey is a real distillery, where real people put their heart, soul, and artistry into crafting products that delight and inspire.

With a strong belief in the distilling equivalent to “minimalist cooking,” Westward Whiskey prefers to make their spirits from scratch with an intense pursuit of perfection, using the best natural ingredients. Westward brings together the very best of the American whiskey and craft beer traditions.

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The spirits from Westward Whiskey are quality-driven and reflect the appreciation of tradition coupled with the willingness to experiment that characterizes the pioneering efforts of the region’s great breweries, wineries, and restaurants. They are in good company.

Westward Whiskey Portland


65 SE Washington Street
Portland, OR 97214


Sunday: Noon – 7pm
Monday: Noon – 7pm
Tuesday: by appointment
Wednesday by appointment
Thursday Noon – 7pm
Friday: Noon – 8pm
Saturday: Noon – 8pm

Distillery Tours

Tours are offered Sunday, Monday and Thursday at 3pm and 5pm, and Friday and Saturday at 1pm, 3pm and 6pm. Flat, closed-toed shoes are required. Schedule a tour.


Westward® American Single Malt Whiskey
Volstead® Vodka
Krogstad® Aquavit
Casa Magdalena® Rum
Developmental Spirits