Secrets of Perfect Cocktails Revealed!

Saturday, April 4th, Noon-5pm


What better way to learn to improve your cocktail game than to go straight to the source? Let the master craftsmen of Distillery Row show you how it’s done! After all, they make the spirits so they know how to best bring out the subtle nuances and bold flavors of their products in both simple and more complex concoctions. Let them help demystify your cocktail!

Join Eastside Distilling, Vinn Distillery, New Deal Distillery, Stone Barn Brandyworks, House Spirits, Rolling River, Wild Roots Vodka, and Thomas & Sons Distillery on Saturday, April 4th for an afternoon of spirits tasting and cocktail instruction. The event features all eight Distillery Row distilleries under one roof with over 50 products including gins, whiskeys, brandies, vodkas, rums, and specialty spirits. Visit each distillery booth for sampling and to learn more about how the spirits are made.

Throughout the day mixologists from each distillery will present on a wide range of topics from basic mixology to more specialized tips and information—all of which will allow you to take your cocktail-making skills to the next level. The presentations will focus on “home-bartending” and offer a unique opportunity to see (and taste) first-hand cocktails you can make and serve at home.

Presentation & Sample Cocktail Schedule

12:15 – “Essential Mixers of a Home Bar”
The Burnside Derby cocktail (Eastside Distilling)

12:50 – “Flavor Balance & Use of Ice in Cocktails”
Ginger Buzz cocktail (New Deal Distillery)

1:25 – “Cocktails for Entertaining: Make the Perfect Punch”
Aviation Spiked Fruit Punch cocktail (House Spirits)

2:00 – “Use of Herbs in Cocktails”
Baijiu Mojitos With a Twist cocktail (Vinn Distillery)

2:35 – “Intro to Bar Tools and the Basics of Mixology”
Happily Ever After cocktail (Rolling River Distillery)

3:10 – “Home Infusions”
Raspberry Vanilla Lemonade cocktail (Wild Roots Distillery)

3:45 – “Egg White Cocktails”
Rose City Fizz cocktail (Thomas & Sons Distillery)

4:20 – “Bitters”
Citrus Bitter Sour cocktail (Stone Barn Brandyworks)

The Cocktail Demystified is designed to get you up and running as a home bartender. You’ll be able to taste new spirits, learn how to use them in cocktails, receive recipes, and even buy the spirits to take home. So fear no more … come learn how to conquer the cocktail!

Saturday, April 4th
Melody Ballroom
Noon-5 pm
$10 advance tickets
$15 at door
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