Cocktail Demystified

Saturday, March 29th at Holocene | Noon – 5pm

Are you a whiskey man? A vodka gal? Or a maybe a rum lover? Whatever your preference, there’s a good chance you have a favorite spirit but you may be intimidated about how to mix up a first-rate cocktail. Making a cocktail is part knowledge, part art-form, and often part improvisation.

What better way to learn to improve your cocktail game than to go straight to the source? Let the master craftsmen of Distillery Row show you how it’s done and get you up and running as a home bartender. Join Eastside DistillingVinn DistilleryNew Deal DistilleryStone Barn BrandyworksHouse Spirits, and Rolling River Spirits on Saturday, March 29th at Holocene for an afternoon of spirits tasting and cocktail instruction.

The event features all six distilleries under one roof with over 25 products including gins, whiskeys, brandies, vodkas, rums, and specialty spirits. Instructional talks throughout the event will cover a wide range of topics from basic mixology to more specialized tips and information. You’ll be able to taste new spirits, learn how to use them in cocktails, receive recipes, and even buy the spirits to take home.

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