It’s with great sadness that we report that Integrity Spirits has closed their doors. Integrity is one of the original Distillery Row founders and has always been a favorite amongst locals for their unique spirits and quirky personalities. If you’re a fan of their most popular products, 12 Bridges Gin or Trillium Absinthe, scour the local liquor stores and get what you can before it’s gone for good!

While the loss of Integrity is sad news for us here on the Row, we’re consoled by the fact that momentum on Distillery Row is picking up speed. In the next month we’ll be announcing all new members of Distillery Row, and there will be a new 2012 Distillery Row Passport which will include our new members and will make touring Distillery Row even more fun, easy, and affordable.

Thanks for helping make Distillery Row one of Portland’s best new attractions – we look forward to seeing you again soon!