Vinn Distillery

It’s a family affair

Vinn Distillery is a family-owned company located just south of Portland in Wilsonville, with their new Tasting Room now opened in Distillery Row. Vinn Distillery exclusively produces and bottles rice-based spirits from recipes that have been passed down for over seven generations.

All of their spirits are handcrafted in small batches – the way their ancestors taught them. The meaning of Vinn is “infinite” and is the shared middle name of the five Ly children.

Vinn Distillery Tasting Room

Ancient Family Recipe

Our recipes have been in our family for well over seven generations. We have been distilling alcohol to honor our ancestors, for medicinal purposes, celebrations, and everyday drinking. Back in the days of living in tiny villages in China and Vietnam, alcohol was not readily available so knowing how to make it was a necessity. And since our spirits are made entirely from rice, they have the added benefit of being gluten-free.

Vinn Distillery


222 SE 8th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97214


Saturdays: 1:00pm – 6:00 pm


Vinn Baijiu
Baijiu Family Reserve
Vinn Vodka
Vinn Whiskey
Blackberry Liqueur
Strawberry Liqueur
Mocha Baijiu
Honey Baijiu (Seasonal – through March)