Bull Run Distillery

Single Malt Whiskey distilled in NW Portland

Named for our local water source, Bull Run Distillery is passionate about Portland whiskey. Our signature Oregon Single Malt Whiskey has been flowing from two custom 800-gallon pot stills in our NW Portland distillery since 2011.

Producing only the finest craft spirits

Our dedication extends to barrels, where vermouth, wine, and other various wood barrels host Bull Run whiskey and spirits for delicious results. While visiting our tasting room, guests can experience these locally-made spirits as well as our premier merchant bottling selections.

Lee Medoff started as a brewer at McMenamins and co-founded House Spirits in 2004 where he helped create several popular craft spirit brands of which his namesake Medoyeff Vodka and Aviation Gin are the most successful. In 2010, with his sights set on making a pure malt Oregon Whiskey, he started Bull Run Distillery. It is here that he focuses on creating dark, aged spirits, from rum made with Hawaiian cane sugar to many expressions of whiskey.

Photos courtesy of Bull Run Distilling


2259 NW Quimby Street
Portland, Oregon 97210


Wednesday–Sunday: Noon to 6 PM

Bull Run Spirits

Single Malt Whiskey
Single Malt Whiskey – Cask Strength
Medoyeff Vodka
Medoyeff Starka
American Whiskey
Pinot Noir Finished American Whiskey
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Barrel Strength
Straight Bourbon Whiskey Chinato Barrel Aged