Distillery Row Cocktail Crawls

Join us on the third Saturday of each month as the distilleries on Distillery Row each feature our own version of the same cocktail so you can enjoy the variations at each tasting room, see how you can craft a classic cocktail using a variety of spirits, and even learn how to make ‘em. Each Cocktail Crawl we donate the proceeds from the signature cocktail, whether it’s an Old Fashioned or a Moscow Mule, to a different local non-profit in need of our support.


Portland Distillery Passport

The Portland Distillery Passport expands on the Distillery Row passport with the inclusion of three Northwest Portland distilleries known as the NW Distiller’s District. Two amazing districts for a total of ELEVEN distilleries! Come see why Portland is considered one of the top producers of craft spirits in the country. Now available as a 42-page full-color booklet at each distillery, or download the new mobile version for Apple or Android devices.

Instagram Photos for #DistilleryRow

Something truly unique is occurring in Portland – a craft distillation revolution.

A handful of innovative distilleries are making handcrafted, locally-distilled spirits available for the first time since prohibition. The heart of this movement lies in an up-and-coming neighborhood of small warehouses and light industrial buildings in Southeast Portland, known as the Lower East Side Industrial District. Eight independent distilleries are producing more than twenty unique liquors – everything from vodkas and gins, rums and whiskeys, and even more specialized spirits like aquavit, and flavored liqueurs.