Black Friday on Distillery Row

Wild Roots Vodka Joins the Row!

Wild Roots Vodka is now open on Distillery Row. They produce all-natural spirits that strive to embody the true essence of the Northwest. Wild Roots createsΒ original, hand-crafted vodka that bursts with fresh, natural flavors and aromas. Read more

Experience Distillery Row Tastings

Each Distillery in the Row is open on Weekends for drop-inΒ spirits tastings without appointment, and many are also now open to the public on weekdays so it’s even easier to shop locally for your handcrafted spirits!Β Click here for hours + map.

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Something truly unique is occurring in Portlandβ€”a craft distillation revolution.

A handful of innovative distilleries are making handcrafted, locally-distilled spirits available for the first time since prohibition. The heart of this movement lies in an up-and-coming neighborhood of small warehouses and light industrial buildings in Southeast Portland, known as the Lower East Side Industrial District. Seven independent distilleries are producing more than twenty unique liquors – everything from vodkas and gins, rums and whiskeys, and even more specialized spirits like aquavit, and flavored liqueurs. Learn more now

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